Professional Marketing Tools

One of the most neglected areas of business is small business marketing. As busy as you are running your daily operations, small business marketing, advertising and sales are often reactive instead of a proactive program. The Bender Group has developed a program to provide small businesses, entrepreneurs and start ups with the professional marketing tools they need. Our small business professional marketing tools include:


Corporate Identity … company names, logos, business cards, letterhead, envelopes and mascots to be certain your corporate identity is consistent and sending the appropriate message to your customers, whether you are a start-up company or established business.

Messaging … horizontal and vertical messages that will give prospects reasons to choose you over the competition.

Planning … cost effective, proactive campaigns to build awareness, increase leads and improve conversion rates.

Surveys … to learn what your customers want, improve operations and gain important marketing information.


Direct Mail … campaigns to reach and generate responses from targeted prospects.

Print Advertisement … campaigns to get attention and deliver a series of strong marketing messages.

Prospecting Calls … call campaigns to generate warm leads and support your advertising.

Trade Shows … displays and pre/post show programs to increase the return on the event.

E-bulletins … a program that keeps you in consistent contact with current customers to strengthen long-term relationships and repeat business.

Outdoor … billboards and signage that delivers your message quickly and clearly.

Electronic Media … radio and television that eliminates the “shotgun” approach to target the customers you really want.

Campaign Management … proactive services to coordinate, implement and supervise every phase of your campaign.


Print Material … company brochures, target market brochures, service sell sheets, technical specification sheets, trade show handouts, annual reports or rack brochures that build a powerful sales toolkit.

Catalogs … catalogs that sell your product and promote why to buy from you at the same time.

Video … animated presentations of customer testimonials, training, how-to’s and target markets to meet a wide range of purposes.

Websites … that speak directly to visitors promoting your expertise and the solutions you offer.

Presentations … customized Power Point® or video presentations to specific target markets while consistently presenting your corporate message and identity.

Proposals … professional and cohesive proposals that clearly present the critical information and remind customers why to award your company the project.

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