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“The Marketing Bible can save you thousands of dollars from ineffective advertising and bad marketing decisions
and save you countless hours looking for good information and guidance.”

Small Business Marketing Bible

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The Small Business Marketing Bible is a must have and highly recommended for any small business looking to maximize their marketing dollars.

Organized into 30 chapters and 3 special reports, with easy reading and access to your current needs in marketing. Some highlighted Chapters include:

  • Consider it a “rudder” helping guide your ship to come in ... 7 Step (One Day) Marketing Plan—not having a plan is one of the reasons many small businesses fail.
  • 5 Step Formula to Creating Your Marketing Message
  • 13 Elements of a Winning Small Business Advertisement
  • 16 Small Business Website Mistakes (and how to fix them)
  • Differentiate or Die
  • Secrets to Direct Mail Success for Small Businesses
  • And much, much more…