The Bender Group Programs

Profit Enhancement Program (Pep)

Think of it as … a reconditioning, or “Business Health Check-Up” … a rejuvenation of the Entrepreneurial Spirit.

It’s a completely confidential, discussion and analysis of operations, systems, revenue, expenses and in-efficiencies in search of prosperity through … ACRIP Accumulation, Calculation, Recapitulation, Initiation >>> Prosperity.

Having worked with small businesses for over 20 years, we have seen many (correctible) break-downs and difficulties for small businesses. In our effort to improve the small business environment, we have partnered with some of the most cost effective business-to-business organizations for a positive benefit/cost ratio. This program focuses on established companies with less than 25 employees, with the cost being a fraction of the savings & benefits - Guaranteed.

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Coaching Services

Consist of monthly or quarterly sessions for a period of time for the attainment of specific objectives.
This is generally a follow up (and potentially paid from the savings) from the Profit Enhancement Program (Pep).

Individual Products or Services

Many of our products and services can be purchased individually, and some right from the website. For more information please contact us through our website.