Ink & Toner Money Saving Resource Room

        Comparison Examples
Resource Return Policy Shipping Notes HP 4050 Laser
Toner 27x
  HP 3380 AIO
Toner 15a

ASAP Inks 100% Guarantee Free BBB Rating A+ $54.87 ←remanufactured→ $39.87
Carrot Ink 100% Guarantee Free over $45   $79.95 ←compatible→ $54.95
OfficeMax within 90 Days     $143.99 ←oem→  
Staples 100% Guarantee     $143.99 ←oem→ $71.99
Sam's within 90 Days     n/a ←oem→ $61.83
Toner Refill Yourself 100% Guarantee Free over $100   $15.49*¹   $5.99*²
    *The Hole Maker Tool ($6.79) and Refill Kit are needed for your first refill.
¹ This is toner only-cost is bulk purchase of 4 (500gram) bottles ($61.95/4=$15.49).
² This is toner only-cost is bulk purchase of 4 (150gram) bottles ($23.95/4=$5.99). --- greater savings for the real "Do It Your-selfer"


Manufacturers have created a price war, and YOU can benefit …

In fierce competition for the consumer printer market, many brand new color inkjet printers are now selling for below the $50 price level. These are quality printers by HP, Lexmark, Canon and others with very high print quality.

Their printers are cheap, but they sure use a lot of ink! Their goal is to get you to commit to their machine and then sell you expensive supplies for that machine. Manufacturers generally charge about $30-40 dollars for a new inkjet cartridge and $90-250 dollars or more for a new laser toner cartridge. This is where they make their REAL money.

An opportunity is created!

The manufacturers have created an opportunity for the Remanufactured & Compatible inkjet and toner industry. Now, people have the option of purchasing a brand new Compatible or Remanufactured cartridge at a drastic savings.

Compatible cartridges are new cartridges, but are simply a generic version of the original, made by a different manufacturer.

Empty cartridges with printheads can be remanufactured (recycled, cleaned, filled, tested & resold) and the costs associated with this process are relatively low. In fact. MUCH lower than a new cartridge for 2 simple reasons.

  1. First, the cartridge body (with electronics) does not have to be manufactured again -¬just cleaned, refilled and tested.
  2. Second, an inkjet remanufacturer does not have to overcharge to recoup the cheap price of the printer (loss-leader).